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The RFP is out - let's get started!

Randy GlantzYou just received the RFP and your team is ready to dig in but slow your roll!  

Randy Glantz, enexdi proposal manager, has three basic tips that will put you on a path to success before you write a single word:

1. Read the RFP once relatively quickly to get a sense of the Section L and M requirements (instructions to bidders and evaluation criteria); this is what you or your management will want to know right away.

2. Now read the RFP again, and again. No matter how experienced you are, several readings are necessary for a complete understanding of the RFPs requirements.

3. Since critical bid information can be distributed in several different sections, read them all carefully and note cross-references in your annotated outline. 

With a little time and effort invested in thoroughly understanding the RFP, your proposal effort will start in a winning direction!

Check out our other blog entries for more proposal tips and contact us anytime for proposal support. 
Posted By Chris Turo | 8/27/2015 3:47:53 PM

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