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703 748 0596

       703 748 0596

enexdi prints, copies and binds your business materials

Color Printing

Superior presentation is as important as the content

Your thoughtful, well-written work deserves superior presentation. Outperform the competition with crisp professional documents prepared using proven, disciplined quality standards.

Using the latest digital print technology, enexdi’s print, copy and bind professionals rapidly produce your brochures, proposals, meeting materials, marketing collateral, presentations and many other types of documents.

Design on your terms and timetable

Not every project is “print ready”. enexdi offers creative design and graphic arts services for your advertisements, flyers, brochures, marketing collateral, meeting materials and other business communications. Let us help you tell your story!

enexdi products:


- brochures, flyers

 - marketing collateral

- proposals presentations

- sell sheets, case studies

- meeting materials

- training manuals

-booklets and much more!

enexdi services:


-rapid, high-quality digital printing

 -borderless printing (print to edge)

-custom tabs - laminated, multi-line

-spiral, GBC, and custom binding

-thermal CD/DVD duplication ‘label-free’

-custom document cutting/sizing

-packaging, labeling, shipping


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enexdi - going beyond the fold to provide high quality print, copy and bind services




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