enexdi develops compelling,
winning proposals

enexdi is with you every step of the way to develop a winning proposal

Do you have what it takes to win?

enexdi offers creative, experienced proposal industry professionals who consistently produce compliant and compelling proposals.

enexdi professionals tell your story and develop proposals using best practices to distinguish you from the competition.

Combined with an experienced, hands-on management team, enexdi helps you win more contract awards and more business!

enexdi supports proposal efforts with the following proposal positions:

Capture Managers

Leads in developing the win strategy, team building, development of the high-level technical solution and pricing. This work is generally performed pre-RFP and sets the stage for proposal development.

Proposal Managers

Organizes and manages the proposal team and individual team member assignments to develop a compelling and compliant proposal. Role generally includes overseeing all phases of the proposal development, color teams and print & assembly tasks.

Desktop Publishers

Primary point of contact for compiling all proposal components (written and graphical) into a professional, proposal document ready for submission based on the statement of work. This role may also entail working as the liaison to print and assemble necessary proposal documents in our Proposal Center.

Proposal Writers & Editors

We provide writers by specialty and experience including senior technical writers and sectional writers such as executive summary, technical, management, past performance, etc. Our writers are skilled at interviewing subject matter experts and developing compelling content. Editors improve grammar, clarity and consistency.

Graphic Artists

Develops professional graphical representation of proposal messaging to depict and accentuate content. We offer conceptual graphic artists and production graphic artists.

Volume Leads

Leads the development of a proposal section or volume depending on proposal complexity. This role may be a hybrid of managing a volume and writing sections of the volume as needed.

Orals Coaches

Coaches the development and delivery of an oral proposal. Includes strategy, themes, and messages including presentation materials and graphics. Coaching may also include guiding technique, timing, and delivery in practice presentations and Q&A sessions.

Proposal Specialty Areas

We offer a variety of proposal specialists including but not limited to Basis of Estimate Analysts, Statement of Work Writers and more – contact us to learn more!

“enexdi is a proven business partner in the proposal industry. I enjoy working with the enexdi team and have experienced many successes with them since their beginning in 2002”

Ed Meehan, Partner @ Guidehouse